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Data Organizing

The ability to exchange and share information by Internet is, nowadays, a necessary condition for successful activity of many industrial, commercial and educational organizations. Number of Internet Technologies and tools increases rapidly to suit their needs. No one knows at the beginning of the information revolution, which of the Technology will dominate in the future. Relying on modern trends in information technologies, we develop tools for data organizing and management. Data organizing systems are less restrictive than data management systems. Data management systems deal typically with the structured data.

Data Processing

Unlike human, processing, transforming and understanding data are almost the same things for a computer. The complexity of the transformation an application can do is the measure of its intelligence. Could the World Wide Web become the World Wide Intelligent Web? We don't know. XML Technology is one of the candidate technologies capable to achieve this goal. An interesting feature of XML is a potential possibility for "trunsmulation" of data objects and programs. We can convert the data object to a program and we can transform the program to a data object. Certainly, the use of this kind of duality in a real application is more than untrivial task.


Most of the products you will find on this website are the final user programs and web developer tools simultaneously. A developer role is to program the tool properly. The programming language used is that of restrictive purposes hence it is more simple than universal purpose languages. We think that XSLT language satisfies our requirements.

The first step

Perl XSLT engine is our first product appeared in Match of 2004. We were not going to take part in competition with other XSLT engines. The goal of the project was to understand whether XML Technology could be useful for unstructured data organizing. Web applications were of our special interest. WebSite Content Extensible Editor (WCX Editor) is an XSLT application with no intent of transforming anything. We use WCX Editor to store and support the structure of the web site and as a publishing tool.
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